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Runivers.ru – Russia in its original setting

The purpose of the Runivers cultural and historical project is to bring the forgotten pages of Russia's history and culture back into circulation.

We present historical and scientific knowledge and research about Russia in an easy-to-understand format: convenient and adapted for internet users.

We aim to provide free access to key historical works and publications stored in major book depositories and national archives throughout Russia, which are not easily accessible.

From the time of its creation in 2008, Runivers has become one of the leading internet projects on the history of Russia. A unique database was created that contains facsimile page-by-page images of over 3,000 volumes published in Russia in the 19th - early 20th century; a unique collection of 3,900 maps and over 20,000 illustrations and photographs. Our entire collection has been catalogued and supplied with annotations and convenient tables of content. Materials that have been removed from circulation for almost a century and have never since been republished, have now been brought back to readers.

Today our project has moved to a new stage in its development - a visual representation of historical data that has already been accumulated on the website.

A unique data presentation method was developed for the new "Timeline" project. Historical processes and events that took place in different countries and different areas of human activity simultaneously, are reflected on a time scale in such a way that a user is able to see all of them in context.

We are compiling an integration project entitled "Russian Encyclopaedia" that will be based on texts archived in our library. In addition to a brief history the encyclopaedia's feature stories will provide readers with links to pages from our library's books, documents and maps. A series of illustrated study guides entitled "Illustrated Chronology" is being prepared on the basis of this material to continue the already published study guide "Russia in 1462-1917. From Tsardom to Empire." The following studies are being prepared for publication: "Medieval Rus'," "Russia in the Time of Troubles," "Russia Under the First of the Romanovs," "Russia in the Era of Palace Revolutions."

Leading specialists in Russian history have taken part in the preparation of these materials. In addition, Runivers has restarted publication of the "Istoricheskiy Vestnik" (Historical Bulletin) journal, which continues from the famous pre-revolutionary publication.

The Runivers project is designed for the widest audience, ranging from professional historians to schoolchildren interested in history. Over 1,500,000 people visit our website on a yearly basis, downloading more than half a million volumes from our library.

Welcome to Runivers!

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